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Arts Research & What is Art?

What is art? is it a picasso picture? most peaple would say yes picasso is for sure art, but what about Tattoo designs are tattoos art? if you look at this site you will see some great designs, and many art experts would argue that tattoos are art. So arts can be many things and it can be very hard to define what is art and what is not.

Crochet, while typically considered a craft, could also be considered a gentle art. Crochet, like painting and other forms of art, requires precision and masterful control to produce something that can be admired for centuries to come. Crochet in America has had more of an impact than the greatest artists of the world.

Consider any of the crochet hats, shawls or other accoutrement that American mothers and grandmothers have made over the past two hundred years. These have now become objects of art that are handed down from generation to generation. Crochet is just as important an art form as is oil painting, or water colors.

In fact, a number of modern artists have started to include crocheted works into their media presentation, mixed media that is. Acrylic paints and crocheted pieces have been used to create fascinating three dimensional works of texture and color. As this art form starts to become more popular because of crafts movements and new arts movements, it will continue to find its place in the history of America for generations to come, you can learn how to crochet.

Can Making a Video be Art?
Making a video has long been regarded as an accepted art form. Video, akin to film, is an art that is related to the field of filmography and photography. All of these art forms have made appearances in the major art museums across the world. Film studies at the top universities have produced some of the best directors the world has known. However, highly acclaimed directors have also never attended universities. This is one of the main reasons that video is an art form.

Video Gaming

A talented individual, regardless of background, financial status, class status or education can become a well-known artist by picking up a video camera. Many emerging artists are uploading their video art to places such as Vimeo and YouTube. Each of these new artists can do this at no cost to them and create a career just with one video should it go viral. Yes, making a game video is most definitely an art form. This is a highly respected form of art that has moved from the days of video cassettes to the inexpensive era of digital production and videography.

Examples of popular youtube videos:

This gaming video has been easy to make but still popular.

In Europe they can also make good videos, some don't see them as art, but I sure do this online gaming video is an good example.

Is every video an art? No, most definitely not, but everyday, people on the internet and video contests, that push the envelope of the medium, prove that videos are an art form.

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